Our customers are independently owned and operated properties (hotels, resorts, motels & inns)

in select markets where we have strategic relationships with local technology partners.


In our context, “Yield” & “Return-on-Google” anchor to finding the sweet-spot between delivering value-for-money to guests (encouraging repeat business) and building enterprise value for the owner(s) (encouraging re-investment in the people & the property).


This is best achieved when management (and ownership) is equipped with data visualization that simplifies decision-making.


Our key enabler is the effective deployment of technology (a combination of proprietary & strategic 3rd-party),

with commercial terms that are as performance-based (risk-free) as possible. Always cloud-hosted and working towards end-to-end integration that automates improved “Yield” and/or “Return-on-Google” outcomes.

YieldUP Services

We value automating more direct bookings.

If direct bookings online do not comprise 40%+ of total bookings, there is work to do. Why pay 15%+ to Online Travel Agents (OTAs) unless you have to. We are not anti-OTA – we are pro-healthy gross profit margins.

We value automating improved revenue & channel management.

Getting the price “right” for a given room, on a given date, is best done with integrated technology and an algorithm that learns. Beyond that, we also help automate what sales channel gets priority to room inventory on the basis of gross profit.

We value equipping management with the technology stack that best helps them set-and-deliver guest expectations, hence creating value-to-owner lift.

From back-office accounting to front-line house-keeping – we help put owner funds to work on a technology stack that is cloud-based, integrated and, above all, helps management deliver value-to-owner.

Return-on-Google Services

We value being focused on Google.

With 88% of the global search engine market (as of June 2021 per Statista), Google is undoubtedly the online marketing, booking & reputation management platform that most matters to players in the travel sector.

We value integration with Google.

Our strategic technology partners all leverage certified integration with Google – a requirement of ours when scouting for and securing such local partners.

We value no less than monthly dialogue with Google.

Google’s roadmap for online travel is continually evolving. We therefore exert effort on frequent communication, maximizing their sharing of insight and our participation in some of their early travel-related experimentation.

Return-on-Google Services